Trailer for Eskrima International Summercamp 2014
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Demosong for "Curio" from Impact Soundworks
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Willis wilde Wege
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Rheinmetall Imagefilm 2013
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Austrian cabaret artist Michael Eibensteiner
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Willi in Malawi
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Austrian Airborne Battalion JB25
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Willi in Tansania
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Image film for "Rheinmetall"
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Every audio engineer has developed his own palette of tricks and secrets. Instead of keeping the door closed we are glad to share our knowledge with you. Feel free to browse through our tutorials. It's for you and it's free!

We love what we do.

Your own VI - Part I

[2012] Get your own unique sound by creating your own virtual instruments. This first part gives you an overview about how to start.

Your own VI - Part II

[2012] NI's Kontakt is a very powerful tool. Learn more about its basic functions and see what it is capable of.

Your own VI - Part III

[2012] Program your own round robin scirpt in KSP and let your instrument sound more realistic.

Music production
Midi editing - Drum Programming

[2012] This article shows you how to get the best result out of your virtual drumset and how to program drums properly. 6 great tips you shouldn't miss!

Pimp my drums - Kick & Snare Drum

[2011] This tutorial deals with how to improve the sound quality of your kick and snare drum. Check it out and let your own productions sound much more professional.

How to achieve a more expensive sound

[2011] Let your own productions sound more expensive and check out this tutorial.

Pimp my drums - Punch

[2011] This tutorial shows one way to brighten up your drum recording and how to make your drums sound more punchy.

Pimp my orchestra - High strings

[2011] In this tutorial we explain how to improve the sound of your high strings by adding brightness and "air" to them!

Midi editing - Shaping a note

[2011] This tutorial deals with how to shape your midi note by using continuous controllers (CCs). Get a more realistic and more expressive sound out of your midi performance.

About guitars in Rock and Metal

[2011] In this tutorial we explain how to create that wide and fat guitar sound which is used in rock and metal songs.

How to start

[2011] Without doing good and solid business you won't be able to make a living as a composer/musician. Here are some basic thoughts about how to start a career.

Minimize your own risks

[2011] Every freelancer has to deal with his personal risk factors. Minimize them or even get rid of them in order to live a more healthy life.

How to handle a project

[2011] When dealing with big projects it is important to stay on top of things. This includes composition, budget, production time, deadlines, co-workers, etc. ...