Trailer for Eskrima International Summercamp 2014
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Demosong for "Curio" from Impact Soundworks
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Willis wilde Wege
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Rheinmetall Imagefilm 2013
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Austrian cabaret artist Michael Eibensteiner
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Willi in Malawi
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Austrian Airborne Battalion JB25
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Willi in Tansania
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Image film for "Rheinmetall"
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Creative process
Original compositions

Our team of professionals composers and producers specialize in creating original contemporary music for your project. Our job is to make your project oustanding and unique.

Live recordings

Sometimes a project needs sounds which go beyond sample libraries. We are able to incorporate live recordings of soloists and/or singers.

Management & Technology
Audio Production

A good audio production is crucial nowadays. This art requires many years of experience and (more importantly) good taste. Leave this part to our audio engineers and you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Project Management

It's all about management and preparation when deadlines are short. We gained lots of experience in project management and therefore we are able to minimize your risk.

Music licensing
Royalty free music

Our catalogue of royalty free music which contains 500+ tracks is available for direct licensing through our partner Proud Music.