Trailer for Eskrima International Summercamp 2014
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Demosong for "Curio" from Impact Soundworks
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Willis wilde Wege
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Rheinmetall Imagefilm 2013
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Austrian cabaret artist Michael Eibensteiner
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Willi in Malawi
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Austrian Airborne Battalion JB25
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Willi in Tansania
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Image film for "Rheinmetall"
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Nemesis Concepts GmbH

For our advertising campaign we needed a really big and huge sound. And that was exactly what audiovibes-studios have delievered. Contemporary trailer music at its best.

– Andreas Althammer, Managing Director, Nemesis Concepts GmbH

49Games GmbH

We collaborate with audiovibes-studios for many years now. The sound quality is impressive and every single project was done with passion and professionalism to a high degree.

– Peter Cukierski, Managing Partner & Producer, 49Games GmbH

Neptun Media GmbH

The music productions of Frank Herrlinger are on a very high-quality level. His music is emotional and sensitive, that is exactly what we are looking for.

– Andreas Baumann, Managing Director, Neptun Media GmbH


The emotional compositions from audiovibes-studios emphasize the storyline of our audio books in a perfect way. We are very glad to publish other collaborative productions in the future.

– Belkis Stocker, CEO, AudioTrain


The cooperation always ran on a professional basis and absolutely to our satisfaction. We say thank you for the great support regarding to our musical demands. We are already glad about our next collaborative project.

– Tom Weber, Film Director, MILpictures